Sunday, January 15, 2017

WSJ Prints Picture of a Stereotypical Dem by a Condescending Conservative Lou Weiss

Maybe That’s the Only Kind of Conservative

One of the many things conservatives whine about, and boy do they whine a lot led by the Whiner-in-Chief is that Dems and Progressives look down on them.  It turns out the opposite is true as evidenced by a vomit quality op-ed piece in the WSJ by a self described ‘adorable’ conservative.

The writing categorizes all who aren’t conservatives as people who know nothing about football, (we know more than most who watch Cajun TV) who boycott Chik-Fil- A (hasn’t happened for years but then no one expects conservatives to go for facts when fiction helps their cause), don’t know how to use a box wrench (really, we do) and live life in comfy hi rise hotels (uh isn’t that their hero Donnie?).  So let’s invite the prejudicial bigoted Trump voter, the true Deplorable to listen to a few facts about those who oppose government by lies and insults.

  1. Progressives fight for policies like health care that will benefit mostly the lower income voter.  Progressives usually have good health insurance, they want it for those who do not, typically those who insult the effort.
  2. Progressives don’t want to take away guns, they want common sense gun safety so gun nut conservatives will not shoot themselves or allow their children to shoot them or their siblings.
  3. The environment is pretty good where progressives live, they want clean air, clean water and clean energy for the non urban areas where conservatives lives.
  4. Progressives recognize that government programs cost money and are willing to raise their own taxes to pay for benefits for conservatives.  All they want is maybe a simple thank you (like Louisiana to the rest of us for all that Katrina help and all that flood control billions).
  5. The pursuit of equal opportunity is a progressive goal; equal opportunity for those conservatives who are disadvantaged and need it more than college educated progressives who already have it.
  6. Community standards like telling the truth, refraining from racial epithets, tolerance for all views are progressive characteristics and they hope that conservatives would join in.
  7. Finally progressive believe that if one is a lying, cheating, serial sexual assaulter with no previous experience at any level of government, maybe, just maybe that person should not be President of the United States.

So yeah conservatives, find out for yourselves how decent and caring and generous and compassionate the other side is instead of assuming that the lies, distortions, half truths and just plain insults of Fox News and A.M. radio are true.  A little open mindedness goes a long way.  And try not to yell racial slurs and other incendiary disgusting comments at political rallies, all you are doing is reinforcing negative views of yourselves and making it harder for the rest of us to actually give you any credibility.

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