Thursday, January 19, 2017

Kazakh Man Gets 3 Years in Prison for Insulting Putin - Explains Why Trump Says Nice Things About Russin Dictator/Thug

Trump Probably Afraid Kazakhstan Will Imprison Him if He Doesn't;  Likely Wants Law Like This in US to Protect Him

Not True News - But Could Be

A man in Kazahkstan is going to jail for a long time for committing the crime of insulting Russian dictator and autocrat Vladimir Putin.

Sanat Dosov, a businessman and activist, was found guilty of breaching a Kazahk law that bans the incitement of “national hatred” and will now have to serve his sentence in a penal colony.

What did he say?

Dosov is alleged to have posted negative comments about Mr Putin on social media, including one in which he shared an image showing the face of the Russian president alongside those of former communist leaders Joseph Stalin and Vladimir Lenin. He also called Mr Putin a “fascist” and “terrorist” and said he was “ruining” Russia.
If the name calling fits . . . . .

Oh, the truth.

And although he has never said it one can certainly conclude that Trumpman would like such a law in the US. For if any public official here is subject to or will become subject to 'national hatred' it is soon to be Czarlover Trump.

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