Tuesday, January 24, 2017

WSJ Illustrates Why ACA is So Disliked – the Benefits to Those Who Oppose It are So Good

Huh?  Welcome to the Lies of Paul Ryan and Donald Trump

To hear from Republican leaders Trump and Ryan (leaders in words, not in action) ACA is a terrible law that is in a death spiral.  So the WSJ reporters, the ones who are not totally compromised took a look at the situation of Connie Brown.

“ The 53-year-old was previously treated for breast cancer and her daughter Alexandra Hulme, 18, has arthritis. The two get coverage under the Affordable Care Act, or ACA. Mrs. Brown, of Washington, Iowa, has a $990-a-month plan covering both of them, including the $8,800-monthly medication she says ensures her daughter can walk.

Wow, no way Ms. Brown could afford that.  What does she do?

“There’s no way I could pay for that” medication bill without insurance, says Mrs. Brown, a substitute in an elementary school who pays about $200 monthly for coverage after a federal tax credit pegged to her income.

Oh, ok, so here must be a huge supporter of ACA.  Well maybe not.

“Consumers such as Connie Brown, who is no fan of the health law, nonetheless count on getting help to defray expenses.. . . .

She says she feels she has too few choices of plans under the ACA and isn’t worried about losing insurance if it is replaced. 

Ok, lady, you are getting the deal of the century but whining because you get too few choices.  Here’s a choice for you, vote for Republicans and lose your $8,800 a month medication and all your other health care.  That the choice you want?

It’s going to be hard for us not to feel sorry for Ms. Brown and her daughter when they wake up with no insurance or with plenty of insurance options they cannot afford.  But we will try.

Oh, and by the way, what blood sucking greedy drug company charges over $100,000 a year so a child can walk?  Probably any one in America today.

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