Thursday, January 19, 2017

The U. S. Supreme Court – the Laziest People in the World

Work Less – Paid More – Complain a Lot

Once President Trumpster appoints some hidebound conservative judicial ignoramus to the Supreme Court it will be a conservative majority Supreme Court.  At that time the fact that the members of the Court do less work than almost anyone else will be a blessing.  Their ability to disrupt society in favor of the rich and the powerful will be reduced, a very good thing, by their inability to work very hard.

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The Supreme Court at Work

It turns out the Supreme Court decided 62 cases this past year, about 8 cases apiece.  Of course if you don’t count Clarence Thomas, who has not contributed to the judicial process for decades the average rises.  But it is still pretty pathetic.

"WASHINGTON — Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., noting that the number of cases on the Supreme Court’s docket has declined, used his year-end report on the state of the federal judiciary to praise federal trial judges, whose workload is by many measures much larger.
In the term that ended last June, the Supreme Court issued 62 decisions in argued cases, down from 66 in the previous term. That amounts to about eight majority opinions per justice, even accounting for the vacancy created by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia in February, and is a steep drop from the more than 150 decisions the court issued per year in the early 1980s."

Well given the Court’s disastrous decisions like overturning the Voting Rights Act (at least the part that matters) every American should be thankful the Court is doing less.

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