Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Trump Wants Immediate Replacement of ACA; Has Put Forth Absolutely No Proposals; Wants to Blame Democrats for Failure to Replace

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Sen. Rand Paul Says  He Has Plan – Probably a Bunch of ‘Principles’

Confused – You Will Still Be After Reading This

Here is one of the strangest stories ever to be written about national policy.  It seems Trumpy is demanding Congress pass a replacement for ACA, and has no idea of what it should be.

President-elect Donald J. Trump demanded on Tuesday that Congress immediately repeal the Affordable Care Act and pass another health law quickly thereafter, issuing a nearly impossible request: replace a health law that took nearly two years to pass with one Republicans would have only weeks to shape.

“We have to get to business,” Mr. Trump told The New York Times in a telephone interview. “Obamacare has been a catastrophic event.”

What’s he mean ‘we’ kemo sabe?

And there’s this.

Mr. Trump appeared to be unclear both about the timing of already scheduled votes in Congress and about the difficulty of his demand — a repeal vote “probably some time next week” and a replacement “very quickly or simultaneously, very shortly thereafter.”

Ok, and what about this.

That uncertainty apparently convinced Mr. Trump to leap into the fray. Not only did he try to steel Republican spines, but he threatened Democrats who might stand in his way, saying he would campaign against them, especially in states that he won in November.

Gosh, campaigning against Democrats for not abandoning their signature issue, health care for everyone.  That must them shaking in their boots, although not from fear but from laughter. 

And now Sen. Rand Paul, who heads the do nothing ever part of the GOP says he will introduce a plan.  Really, when Trump has ceded leadership to Rand Paul you know he has hit rock bottom in the leadership sweepstakes, at least until his next issue.

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