Monday, January 16, 2017

The Racism and Bigotry of Trump's Attack on John Lewis

All African Americans Are Criminals and Live in Crime Infested Neighborhoods

It is difficult to imagine that a man who spent years attacking President Obama's legitimacy is now upset that someone with the stature and courage and grace of Rep. John Lewis would attack his legitimacy.  But even worse is the disgusting prejudice behind the attack.

Trump's reasoning is basically this.

1.  John Lewis is an African American.

2.  John Lewis is a member of the House.

3.  The only way an African American can get elected is if he is from an African American majority district.

4.  African American communities are characterized by high crime and slums.

5.  Therefore even without looking at or knowing anything about Rep. Lewis's district, it must be one with high crime rates and other major social problems because it is not a white district.

Yeah, racism and bigotry, 2017 style from Donald Trump.  Maybe at least part of the nation will wake up to the true nature of the man.

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