Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Some Comments on the House Ethics Rules Fiasco - House Repubicans, Crooks or Morons

Well They Could be Both

The first order of business for the new House Republicans was to essentially eliminate the independent ethics operation, you know where investigators look into ethical violations by House members, or as it is called on Capital Hill, business as usual.  Public opinion thwarted the move but don't look for it to go away, just to be snuck in some other time.

Here is opinion that won't be found in more refined sources.

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House Republicans Open the New Session
No, its not adult entertainment

1.  Congressional ethics - the term found in the dictionary under the definition of 'oxymoron'.

2.  House Republicans complain that they are being investigated for ethics violations;  don't they realize that's because they engage in ethics violations?

3.  Trump opposed the move because he feels he and his cronies should have a monopoly on ethics violations, doesn't want to share spoils with the House.

4.  Kellyanne defended the House move until she got word Trump had a different take.  In her defense Kellyanne is still recovering from having her principles surgically removed, although in her case it was minor surgery.

5.  Several House Republicans defended the move saying 'Hey, you knew what we were when you elected us'.

6.  Democrats were miffed because being in the minority they do not have the opportunity for graft and self-enrichment that the Republicans do.

7.  Many Republicans didn't mind the fracas because they said it detracted from the fact that they do not have a replacement plan for ACA.

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