Monday, January 23, 2017

Wisconsin Republicans Take All State Support Away from Parks, and They are Left Selling Naming Rights

“Parks are For Losers” They did not Say But Thought

Government does some necessary things, like police protection, water and sewers, transportation etc but they also do some noble things, chief among them libraries and parks.  These of course provide the most benefit to that part of the electorate that is anti-government.

And in that area once again Republicans have revealed themselves as the enemy of the very people they claim to represent.  In Wisconsin several years ago the state removed all state assistance and financial support from state parks.

“In Wisconsin, lawmakers in 2015 eliminated all state tax support for the Department of Natural Resources, which oversees its state parks. That led to a $1.4 million deficit and forced the department to come up with new ways to earn revenue.

Now one might think that the middle class would rebel as this, but as Republicans know all they  have to do is shout ‘higher taxes’ or ‘abortion is murder’ or something else to distract the populace and they can get away with anything with their base.  Cutting spending allows them to have tax cuts for the wealthy who don’t use the parks anyway, as they disdain anything that benefits middle class families.

So the parks in Wisconsin are thinking about naming rights, and one can see this as a national trend and something the Trump jerks might do at the national level.  So here are some suggestions they might be mulling.

Tidy Bowl Presents the Grand Tetons.

KKK Sponsors the Civil Rights Museum (no admittance without a white person accompanying the family).

The Philip Morris Smokey Mountain National Park – Smoking allowed cause what’s a little more smoke.

McDonald’s Washington Monument – A free Happy Meal with every ticket.

Rid X Supports the Everglades – Wants to turn it into a giant septic tank to promote development in Florida.

Jerry Falwell’s Grand Canyon – The Perfect Example of the Power of Noah’s Flood.

Well you get the picture.

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