Saturday, January 7, 2017

NC GOP Leader Dallas Woodhouse is Armed And Dangerous with Assault Weapon

Another Episode of Insane but True

Assault weapons are used for war, unless you are a Republican in which case they are just fun toys that kill people.

"N.C. Republican Party executive director Dallas Woodhouse caused a stir on social media this week when he posted a picture on Facebook and Twitter in which he’s holding an AK-style semi-automatic rifle.
“Best Christmas present ever !!” Woodhouse wrote in the post.
The post has drawn hundreds of comments, some of which praised the GOP leader for exercising his Second Amendment right to own a gun. “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition! God bless you!” one person wrote.
But in a sign of the political divisions surrounding gun ownership, other comments were more critical. Several pointed out that the gun’s safety appeared to be turned off in the photo. “Get a clue before you injure or kill someone,” said one commenter."

N.C. Republican Party executive director posted this photo on Twitter and Facebook showing off his Christmas gift.
Dallas Woodhouse - a gun nut or a Republican
Surprise!! He's both

What's the problem, or course he will injure or kill someone.  That's what it's for. Best Christman present ever, yeah, that's what Jesus said in the Bible.

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