Saturday, January 14, 2017

Trump Cabinet Picks Introduce New Strategy for Confirmation Hearings – Lying

And Other Snarky Comments on the News

Attorney General Designate Jeff Sessions says he will stand up to Trump.  Those who believe that statement need to check their portfolio and maybe take another look at that time share purchase of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Trump says the report that Russia has ‘compromising’ information on him is fake news.  We agree.  Trump has already been exposed as a congenital liar, a serial sexual assaulter, a bigot and a bully, a person who cheats on his taxes and doesn’t pay his suppliers.  What else could there be?

Ben Carson is doubtful that government help for people who need decent housing is good policy.  Of course the fact that he benefited from this in his past just means he’s the hypocrite of the day in Trump World.

Republicans are outraged, outraged that Senator Cory Booker  testified against a  fellow Senator, Jeff Sessions in his confirmation hearings.  This violates an unwritten rule of Senate courtesy.  Republicans are outraged because they feel they are the only ones who should be allowed to violate decades long behavioral norms, that Democrats have to obey the rules, they do not.

Fox News settled another sexual harassment claim, this time against faux moralist Bill O’Reilly.  The network has promised its viewers it would not abandon its ‘holier than thou’ attitude and moral condemnation of others.

VW is reported ready to plead guilty to criminal charges in its deliberate violation of anti-pollution laws by rigging its emission testing results.  In America corporations are furious because they believe the government should just let corporations that engage in criminal acts off with a relatively small fine and no admission of guilt.  Mitt Romney said corporations are people, but he meant this only for the good stuff that people get from government.

The New York Times reports that the European Court of Human Rights has ruled that the Swiss government can force a Muslim family to make its young girls take co-ed swimming lessons.  Now many of us think the Muslim fanaticism about co-ed activities are not appropriate, but if that is their religion so be it, no harm no foul.  As for he Court of Human Rights maybe they ought to live up to their name.  And while we think Brexit was a bad idea, one motivation for the exit vote was to remove Britain from jurisdiction from this Court.  Good thinking.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a man rejected by Donald Trump has returned to his state and now says he will focus his last year in office (in any office we hope) on drug abuse.  Seems only fair since his near total absence from being Governor to pursue his national ambitions probably contributed to the drug crisis.

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