Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Criticism of Meryl Streep at the Golden Globes – Example Number 325 How the Press Sides with Trump

Why Can’t We Have an Honest and Effective Free Press?

Following on the announcement by the Wall Street Journal that it would not label Donnie Trump’s lies as lies we now have another blatant example of how the press excuses Donnie’s lies and personal attacks by attacking his attackers.  At the Golden Globes Meryl Streep made an eloquent and impassioned statement about the lack of moral character if Trumpie, and that elicited this response from some commentator at the LA Times. 

Notice the title.

Why both sides are a little wrong in the Meryl Streep-Donald Trump battle

No, both sides are not a little wrong.  Trump out and out lied in denying he mocked a disabled reporter.  Ms. Streep did not lie.

But then the “unbiased” reporter argues that Streep should have talked about the issues, not about Trump’s complete and total lack of integrity as a person.  And of course Trumpster has never defined issues.  His position on health, 'we need to do something'.

The writer fails to understand, with respect to Trumpie his person is an issue.  Unlike any Presidential candidate in history, much less an elected one this man is unfit to hold office.  And that is an issue.  So in attacking Trump Ms. Streep was setting out a position on an issue.  But the press just is so afraid of being called biased for stating the truth that they are biased, in the other direction.

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