Thursday, January 12, 2017

Jeff Sessions in His Own Words Why He Should Not Be Attorney General

Folks, Listen to the Man

From the NYT

Gay Marriage
Mr. Sessions said that court rulings giving gay couples the right to marry eroded American culture and values.
It is not disputable that adopting a same-sex marriage culture undermines and weakens marriage.
Senate speech, July 13, 2004

Of course, no one was able to demonstrate that in a court of law, which did dispute it.  But really, there is this.

Church and State
Mr. Sessions, a Methodist of deep faith, has argued that the Establishment Clause of the Constitution has been overinterpreted and the Free Exercise Clause has been ignored. The result, he said, is the unnecessary prohibition of expressions of faith in public spaces.
The Constitution says we shall not establish a religion — Congress shall not establish a religion. It doesn’t say states couldn’t establish a religion.
Senate speech, March 10, 2016

Ok, the Constitution also doesn't say that a bigoted moron cannot become Attornehy General or a Senator so he may be on to something.

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