Monday, January 23, 2017

New Title For Press Secretary - Soviet Sean - Because

He Spouts the Lies of His Ruler, Refuses to Answer Questions, Opposes Free Press - A True Soviet Style Puppet

Update:  Soviet Sean came out of his memory hole today and yahoo news reported he 

  "said Monday that he believes that his job is to be honest with the public but said "sometimes we can disagree with the facts but our intention is never to lie."  

Since it is obvious that his intention was to lie we think a new term is now appropriate for the lexicon.  Going forward we urge everyone to refer to a pack of lies as a 'steaming sack of Sean'.  An no we are not copywriting the term, it's officially in the public domain, use it with our blessing.

End Update
In the old Soviet Union the news was a joke, because the news was state news not an independent and free press.  So if the wheat harvest, for example was a record low the press office would report something like "Wheat Harvest Sets Record".

Now Donald Trump has found maybe the one, or maybe one of many in the Republican Party who can out lie, out brazen and just out perform Morticia Conway in dealing with the press and spouting lies.  So Press Secretary Sean Spicer came out for his first press briefing, castigated the press for reporting the news that the crowd at the inauguration was smaller than Trump said, and then left without taking questions.  To defend Spicer Morticia went on TV to argue that the Trump folks were just giving 'alternative facts'.

So in honor of Mr. Spicer's performance as a perfect Soviet era press liason we are giving hin the name Soviet Sean because if the sobriquet fits, wear it.  As for Ms. Conway, well Commie Conway sounds about right and we would not want anyone to think we were slighting her because of her gender.  Any questions, see the story and video here.  But as for Chuck Todd we need to remind hin that Trumpie's pal Putin has had reporters killed, so watch your  back Chuck.  And please try to learn from all of this and stop putting Commie Conway on the air.  Please

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