Friday, January 27, 2017

American Airlines to Make Flying Even More Expensive and Uncomfortable - Didn't Know That Was Possible

We Will Not Be Satisfied Until We Have Sucked Every Dime Out of a Passenger Airline Thinks But Did not Say

It's not hard to forecast what a monopoly will do.  Raise prices and cut quality of service.  In the United States the major airlines are quasi monopolies.  They have divided up the country and each one takes a piece of the domestic traveling pie.  And now that they have the friendly skies of Republicans in power, people who will do nothing in part because of philosophy and in part because Congress gets to fly on private planes, American Airlines is moving to make flying as painful as possible.

Italian Biplane
American Airlines New Aircraft for its Basic Economy Service

"American has formally introduced its long-expected Basic Economy fare class, saying the fare type will first go up for sale this February in 10 “select markets.”
With that, all three of the USA’s biggest airlines have now introduced their own versions of a basic economy fare. Like at United, fliers buying American’s Basic Economy fare will only be able to bring onboard carry-ons small enough to fit under the seat in front of them. Delta, the first to introduce a version of basic economy, does not restrict carry-ons.
For American, carry-ons that must be stowed in overhead bins are not allowed -- though elite-level frequent-fliers and holders of certain American Airlines-branded credit cards will be exempted.
American's Basic Economy fares also will not allow changes -- not even for a fee -- and will make fliers among the last to board the plane. The fares will earn frequent-flier miles, but elite status will be earned more slowly for those buying Basic Economy. Seats will be assigned at check-in or can be selected within 48 hours of departure for a fee."

There's not much that anyone can do here, just hope for a new administration that will actually enforce the anti-trust laws and invite competition.  That's something conservatives support, but just not the conservatives in power today.  By 'conservatives' we mean real conservatives.

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