Thursday, January 5, 2017

Donnie Trump Does Not Know a Lot About Computer Hacking;

And Other Snarky Comments on the News

Trumpet Man says he knows a lot about computer hacking.  He is misspoken, he knows a lot about political hacks.  He must, he has surrounded himself with them.

It is rumored that Kellyanne Conway’s husband is in line for an important legal post in the Trumpster administration.  This is one appointment we would applaud.  Any man who can stay in a marriage with a shrill sniveling person who can lie like Morticia does must have some redeeming values.

Pundits are appalled that the U. S. is not involved in solving the massive humanitarian disaster that is Syria.  They are wrong.  If a nation cannot do anything about a situation it should not do anything about a situation. 

Doesn’t anyone realize that the further from its center that Israel builds settlements the more vulnerable they are? 

Check it out, the New Yorker has two, count em, two funny cartoons in this week’s issue.  A first for a long time.

The Wall Street Journal in an editorial complained that the Democrats were being unfair by not even meeting with Attorney General Designate Jeff Sessions, Trump’s choice to lead the anti-civil rights movement.  No, we are not making that up.

Rich people who own sports teams are continuing to demonstrate that becoming wealthy in this nation is a matter of birth or luck or in Trumpette's case, both.

Are Paul Krugman and Charles Blow the only sane and intelligent commentators left at the NYT?

One hopes that history will record the Supreme Court after a Trump appointee is rubber stamped by the Senate as composing of eight appointed Justices and one stolen seat.

People who got health care from ACA and voted for Trump should not lose their health insurance, but they deserve to.

Nicolle Wallace, a former George W. Bush spokesperson is showing herself to be a real mensch, in the gender neutral concept of that word.

Funny how all those anti-Soviet, anti-Russian, anti-Communist hard liners have rolled over without a fight.  Maybe they will benefit from the next big medical breakthrough, a spine transplant.

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