Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Trump Will Bill Mexico for the Wall, Then Advise Them on How to Welch on Their Obligations

News That May Happen

Washington (UPS) Jan 2017  Donnie the Trump today explained how he was going to say he got Mexico to pay for his wall even though Mexico will not pay for the wall.  It turns out he will use accrual accounting, which as Trump does not say “I know more about accrual accounting than the CPA’s.  In fact I know almost as much as that felon I hired to teach at Trump U.

Under accrual accounting a revenue is booked when it is billed, as opposed to cash accounting where the revenue is booked when it is collected.  In special legislation that the Republican Congress is expected to pass, largely because they have no idea what it means, the authorization of funds for the wall that will require that its costs be accounted for under the GAAP method of accruing the revenue once Mexico is billed for the wall.  And once the revenue is booked Trumpster can say that Mexico has paid for the wall.  “Genius” said Speaker Paul Ryan.

Anticipating the problem of actually getting Mexico to pay for the wall Trump said he would be teaching Mexico authorities how to not pay.  “I know more about cheating people I owe than anyone” Trump bragged at a closed door dinner “and for a small fee I will explain to the Mexicans how they can stiff the United States.  The first thing I will tell them to do is complain of shoddy workmanship and then they can bring up the technicality that while they are being asked to pay for a wall, in most places the wall is just a garden fence and so why should they pay for a fence when they were promised a wall.”

Trump did acknowledge that once it became clear that Mexico would not actually hand over the money the debt from Mexico would have to be written off.  “That will take place when a Democrat is in office” he said “and then we get the added benefit of telling the American public how we were going to make Mexico pay for the wall but the Democrats let them off the hook”.  When asked how he could fool his supporters this way Trump replied “You’re kidding, right, you’ve met my supporters haven’t you?” 

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