Thursday, January 5, 2017

Laughing Out Loud at WSJ Editorial on Democratic Economic Results

Do the WSJ Write Just for The Comedy

Even in the worst of times one can always get a chuckle out of the WSJ editorial pages.  Sometimes there is a hystical piece.  Here is an except from a recent opinion.

"We doubt all Democrats will be as enthusiastic about running again on the economic and foreign-policy record of 2009-2016."

Gosh, let's look at the facts on the economy.

1.  Unemployment is below 5%, Mitt Romney and the GOP's goal was to get it to 6%.

2.  Inflation has been about zero, far less than the Fed goal of 2%.

3.  The Deficit dropped by 60-70%, not currently a problem.

4.  20 million Americans gained health insurance.

5.  The stock market spent the Obama years in a stright upward climb.  The DJIA more than doubled; is reaching nearly 20,000

6.  Incomes rose finally for working families and the poverty rate declined.

Yeah, sure would not have wanted to run on that record.

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