Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Huge Sacrifice - Trump to Shut Down His Foundation Which Was Set Up to Benefit Him

"It Was That or Actually Use It For Charity" Trumpet Did Not Say

In Donald Trump's world everything is about him.  And a foundation he set up for charity was really to get favorable tax treatment for gifts for him or to use for business expenses or to take credit for donations from others.   But now at great sacrifice to himself he won't do that anymore, apparently figuring that he can scam enough funds as President to make up for any losses.

“The foundation has done enormous good works over the years in contributing millions of dollars to countless worthy groups, including supporting veterans, law enforcement officers and children,” Mr Trump said. “However, to avoid even the appearance of any conflict with my role as president I have decided to continue to pursue my strong interest in philanthropy in other ways.”

When asked to name some good things the foundation had done Trumpster did not retort he would have someone make up some stuff and get back to everyone.  That goes without saying

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