Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ultra Conservative National Review (Think William F. Buckley) Totally Capitulates – Endorses Government Stimulus Investment in Infrastructure

Do These People Even Understand Irony?

The Conservatives’ Conservative is the publication, National Review, a print document founded by William F. Buckley, subsidized by William F. Buckley and now on-line as NRO, not subsidized by William F. Buckley because he is deceased.  The National Review and NRO is what passes as intellectual deep thinking by the professional Conservative movement.

Here, thanks to David Frum, is a post on NRO telling Mitt Romney what he should do.  (Yes, every Conservative columnist and newspaper and magazine is now telling Mr. Romney what he should do, since apparently he is incapable of determining that on his own.

Why doesn’t Romney forget the past two weeks (he’s not going to make it better no matter what he says), and go out there and make a speech saying that he’ll do what Obama didn’t do (much of), and invest in roads, bridges, dams, ports, etc.? 
Romney could design a program where states could compete for federal infrastructure money based on their ability to get projects done on time and on budget, with funds given out the first year based on population and given out the second year based on first-year performance.

Wow, can anyone say ‘Keynesian economics’?  Can anyone say ‘deficit spending’? Can anyone say that this is not exactly what the Obama administration would have done had the Republicans in Congress not blocked there every move?

And yes, can anyone stop laughing at the absurdity of this coming from the National Review Online.  Well maybe William F. Buckley, he can’t laugh because he is still rolling over in his grave.

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