Sunday, September 16, 2012

Stupidity Is Now the Driving Force in American Politics – Non-Partisan Stupidity

Maybe It’s Just a Virus

Events of the last several days show that the so-called experts in politics are just about as ignorant of political reality as they can get.  This probably comes from insulation, the fact that the candidates and their advisers surround themselves with people who heap praise on them regardless of the merits of the situation.

All of this appears to have started when Missouri Republican Todd Akin defended his position of denying abortion rights to victim of rape or incest with the argument that women who are raped cannot get pregnant, and therefore (unsaid) was that any woman who uses the rape issue is not only a baby killer but a liar as well. 

The stupidity of politicians has now reached epidemic proportions.  For example a trap was set by Romney supporter and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.  Both he and Mr. Obama will be in New York for UN meetings, but not at the same time.  Still Mr. Netanyahu asked to meet with Mr. Obama at the meetings.  The Obama people, oblivious to obvious politics fell into the trap and declined the meeting, thus making it appear that Mr. Obama was deliberate snubbing the Israeli Prime Minister.  A simple “We’ll send Air Force One for you” would have made the Obama team look smart, but they are apparently not that smart.

Mitt Romney has decided that even in the age of mass communications he can waffle his way out of releasing any details on his policies.  The result is criticism from not only his enemies but also from his friends.  And now Mr. Romney has criticized the President for a so-called apology that Mr. Romney says was issued after the American ambassador to Libya was murdered, except that the statement was issued from the Cairo embassy, was not an apology and was issued prior to the event.  So Mr. Romney now looks like a clueless out of touch politician, which of course he is, but that is something he was supposedly not wanting to advertise.

The running mate of Mr. Romney, Paul Ryan is running ads for his re-election to the House.  This obviously gives the impression that Mr. Ryan wants to keep his current job and expects his new job, Vice President - Elect not to materialize.  If Mr. Ryan, who has represented his district for over 10 years cannot win on the basis of that fact and his nomination as Vice President without TV ads then one wonders just how much the people who know him best really like him.

But of course the prize must go to the Chicago Teachers Union for the dumbest thing that will be done in this campaign, until Mitt Romney makes another unscripted comment.

So welcome to the 2012 Presidential contest, where the race features Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest.  No, we don’t know the order.

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