Tuesday, September 25, 2012

This Just In – From 1990 to 2009 Mitt Romney Paid 100% in Taxes!!!!

100% of What He Owed That Is

Mitt Romney Paid His Taxes – Claims That Qualifies Him to be President

When politicians have news to release that they don’t want a whole lot of people to pay attention to, they release that news late on Friday afternoons.  So this is what Mitt Romney did last week in releasing his 2011 tax return.  And once again Mr. Romney showed that despite the complaint of Conservatives that the U. S. marginal tax rate of 35% is way too high he (Mr. Romney) is not troubled by that rate since he paid only about 14% of his income in federal income taxes.

But the real news is that his accountants  release a letter in which they detailed his tax rates since 1990, and here is the most astounding statement.

"During the 20-year period covered by the PWC letter, Gov. and Mrs. Romney paid 100 percent of the taxes that they owed," the blog post read.

Wow, what a great man, what an honest man, what a super American Mr. Romney is, he paid all, not just some, but all of the taxes he owed!!!  Gosh Mr. Romney, you are really just one of the rest of us.

Oh, and what about FICA, that the Social Security and Medicare taxes working people pay, 7.65% of their wages and salaries?  See Mr. Romney didn’t work for his money, but he did pay the equivalent, what is called erroneously in tax circles self employment tax.  How much?  About 2 tenths of 1%.  See that’s how rich people stay rich, working people pay 7.65%, people who collect investment income, the product of other people working pay just about nothing.

But he did pay 100%!!!! (of what he owed).  Truly he belongs in the Hall of Fame.

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