Sunday, September 9, 2012

Private Employment Has Done Much Better Under Obama Than Under George W. Bush

And Another Reason Why It is Difficult To Write on Economics When Paul Krugman is Around

If one listened solely to Republicans on job creation, one would think that Republicans have been fantastic at it and Democrats have been miserable.  But the truth, as NYT and Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman points out is somewhat different.  Here Mr. Krugman compares the first terms of George W. Bush and Barack Obama in terms of job growth, and gives us these devastating charts.

Yes that’s right, under President Obama private sector job growth has been much better than with Mr. Bush, despite the supposedly job creating tax cuts Mr. Bush achieved early in his first term.

Yes that’s right, under President Obama government jobs have decreased, whereas government employment increased during the first term of Mr. Bush.

And yes, just another reason why everyone who wants good economic data and discussion goes to Mr. Krugman’s forum, and not to this one.  But at least we are smart enough to take Mr. Krugman’s best stuff and show it here, and at least we have just barely enough integrity to cite the reference rather than claim it as our own. 

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