Friday, September 7, 2012

Iraq Continues to Allow Iran to Fly Supplies to Syria Over Its Air Space

 Reason Number 417 Why the Iraq War Was a Failure

After the failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, the George W. Bush administration shifted gears and proclaimed the mission in Iraq was to establish a democratic country that was an ally of the United States in the troubled region of the Mideast.  The results, of course, have not borne out that lofty goal.

The situation in Syria is that a callous dictator is waging war on his own people, and murdering and slaughtering them.  The United States is limited in its ability to respond, no one other than John McCain believes the U. S. has the resources and support to actively intervene. Despite the almost overwhelming desire to do something to aid innocent civilians who are being bombed in their homes President Obama has not committed U. S. forces to the conflict.

The Obama administration has been reluctant to provide arms to the Syrian rebels or establish a no-fly zone over Syria for fear of being drawn deeper into the Syrian conflict.

So how does Iraq get into the picture?  Iran is using Iraqi air space as a corridor to fly aid to the Syrian government, aid that is being used by Syria to wage its homicidal war against the rebels and the civilians.

The Obama administration pressed Iraq to shut down the air corridor that Iran had been using earlier this year, raising the issue with Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki of Iraq. But as Syrian rebels gained ground and Mr. Assad’s government was rocked by a bombing that killed several high officials, Iran doubled down in supporting the Syrian leader. The flights started up again in July and, to the frustration of American officials, have continued ever since.

Military experts say that the flights have enabled Iran to provide supplies to the Syrian government despite the efforts Syrian rebels have made to seize several border crossings where Iranian aid has been trucked in.

So after all the loss of life of Americans in ridding Iraq of Saddam and bringing the current government to power the Iraqi regime is now allowing Iran to use its air space to support a murderous dictator.  Gosh, isn’t that something Saddam would have done had we left him in power? 

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