Sunday, September 30, 2012

Thought the Republican Party Had Principles and Had Abandoned Todd “Women Cannot Get Pregnant From Real Rape” Akin

Not So Fast

When Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin blurted out his true feelings, that women who are pregnant and want an abortion just claim rape, because if they were really raped the woman’s body would prevent pregnancy the Republican establishment quickly and correctly condemned him and his comments.  Those of us who do not generally support Republicans  were pleased, but most of us wondered if the newfound principles of the Republican party would last.  They didn’t.

The Group "Republican Conservatives without Principles” which include Jim DeMint and Rick Santorum have now come out strongly for Mr. Akin, apparently thinking that enough time has elapsed so that they can do so without getting smeared themselves with the ugly stench of Mr. Akin’s remarks.

DeMint is joining former Republican Sen. Rick Santorum, a fellow social conservative who sought the Republican presidential nomination this year, in endorsing Akin’s controversial candidacy.

In a statement released through Santorum’s Patriot Majority PAC, DeMint and Santorum made a fundraising appeal for the beleaguered Republican Senate candidate.

“Todd Akin is a principled conservative who is committed to winning and fighting for freedom in the U.S. Senate. Todd will work to stop reckless spending, stop the out of control debt, repeal the government takeover of healthcare, support our military and defend life at every stage,” DeMint and Santorum said. “We support Todd Akin and hope freedom-loving Americans in Missouri and around the country will join us so we can save our country from fiscal collapse.”

Okay, anyone familiar with Mr. Santorum and Mr. DeMint knew this was coming.  But more of a surprise is Missouri’s other Senator, Roy Blunt who now supports Mr. Akin.

The endorsement from two leading conservatives comes hours after fellow Missouri GOP Sen. Roy Blunt threw his support behind Akin

Mr. Blunt is considered a more main stream conservative, and not one of the vitriolic extremists represented by the views of Mr. DeMint or Mr. Santorum.  So everyone now knows how Republicans really feel, which is this. 

Nothing matters except winning, and if they have to adopt repugnant views, well, who care.  

It didn’t use to be this way, for example, when George H. W. Bush was President he rejected a Republican candidate for Governor of Louisiana who was a leader of the Klan.  Kinda miss those days, don’t we. 

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