Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ugly Sportsmanship in College Football – Top Ten Team Arkansas Coach Refuses to Congratulate Upset Winner

Powder Puff Opponent Doesn’t Play by the Script

As the college football season is now fully underway one has to take note that the script for big college programs doesn’t always get produced the way it is supposed to.  Many, but not all, major football programs schedules a couple of easy games early in the season to pad the record and make certain that at the end of the season the teams has more wins than losses, and so gets to at least gets to go to the Fisheye Bowl in East North Fork, Nebraska.

But the fun thing about sports is that sometimes the underdog wins.  Such as the case on Saturday past when the team of Louisiana – Monroe defeated the 8th ranked Arkansas Razorbacks.  Arkansas is recovering from a nasty side show involving its previous coach and his lack of integrity in his person life.  But the game with Louisiana Monroe was supposed to be a nice easy victory that would make everyone forget about that.  Not so fast.

ULM - a 30-plus point underdog - upset the Razorbacks 34-31 in overtime with a 16-yard scramble by quarterback Kolton Browning.

But the real story was after the game was over.

Arkansas head coach John L. Smith did not come across the field, however, to shake hands or congratulate Berry.

The two had a previous relationship when Berry was at Army and faced Smith's former team Louisville.

Seconds after Browning's touchdown run, Smith darted to the Arkansas locker room along with the majority of the team.

And an even better part of the story was this, that the Arkansas crowd booed their team for its unsportsmanlike conduct, after which the team responded nicely,

The fans started booing the unsportsmanlike behavior and most of the Arkansas players returned to congratulate ULM, but Smith was not in the group.

except of course for the head coach.  As we said, Arkansas had to replace its previous coach because he was a rather disgusting human being.  Looks like they got another one of the same stripe.

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