Monday, September 10, 2012

Republican Party Adopts Radical New Strategy – Outright Lying – Discards Classic Spin for Classic Fibs

News That Didn’t Happen – But Could Have

Update:  The Romney campaign clarified Mr. Romney's position to say that no, his plan would not require insurers to cover existing conditions.

Update to the Update:  The Romney campaign clarified the update to say that Mr. Romney's plan would require insurers to cover existing conditions if the person already had insurance.

Clarification to the Update of the Update:  The Romney campaign said we don't know what he means, which is why we try to never ever let him speak unless it is from an approved script.

Update to the Clarification to the Update of the Update:  Everyone should just assume that whatever their position is on this issue, Mr. Romney supports it.

The Republican Party today announced that from this day forward they would be adopting a strategy of blatant lying in their quest to win not only the Presidency but other elective offices as well.  “The status of the country demands that we do everything we can to beat anyone opposed to us” said a party spokesperson, and “if that takes lying through our teeth, well we are willing to do that.  In fact we see that as the natural evolution of a campaign strategy, or would if we believed in evolution.”

The Republican candidate for President, Mitt Romney implemented the policy immediately when he declared that despite the fact that he has previously said that he would implement full repeal of the Obama health care reform, he now says that he would retain parts of it. 

“I’m not getting rid of all of health care reform,” Mr. Romney said, while emphasizing that he planned to replace the president’s plan with his own. “There are a number of things that I like in health care reform that I’m going to put in place. One is to make sure that those with pre-existing conditions can get coverage.”

Mr. Romney’s statement that “I’m not getting rid of all health care reform” is just the latest in a long series of lies Mr. Romney has made on health care reform.  After passing reform in Massachusetts he stated that the Mass. Model would work great for the nation, but then when this proved to be unpopular to the Republican base he said he didn’t believe the Massachusetts program was right for the nation.  He then said he would work to repeal all of the health care law before his most recent lie that he is not going to get rid of all the program. 

The success of Mr. Romney’s fabrications have lead to his running mate, Rep. Paul Ryan lying about his vote on the bill that would cause a reduction in defense spending.  Mr. Ryan not only voted for the bill, but praised it before he joined the Republican ticket.  It turns out that Mr. Romney was opposed to the bill, so now Mr. Ryan is saying that no, he didn’t vote for the reduction in defense spending.

The Republican strategy is also working for other party office holders.  Sen. Rand Paul, (R, Ky) told a national TV audience that under President Obama government and government employees has grown tremendously.  Unfortunately for Mr. Paul economics expert extraordinaire Paul Krugman was on the same show.

The Zombie That Ate Rand Paul’s Brain

Aha. It seems that I was giving Rand Paul more credit than he deserved. Think Progress has the video, and it’s clear that Paul was completely shocked at the notion that government employment had fallen under Obama, rather than soaring.
How did that happen? Almost surely it’s a case of a zombie lie that has gone unchallenged in the hermetic world of movement conservatism, so that people like Paul know, just know, something that ain’t so. 
As for consequences, well don’t expect the mainstream media to call the Republicans on their new strategy.  After all that would not be fair and balanced.

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  1. The Updates just go along with the classic GOP position: we will drastically cut spending and government interference with your life, but not in any way that sacrifices any government benefit you desire or enjoy.