Friday, February 10, 2017

Will Trumpie Stop the Threat of U. S. Gas Exports Destroying Russia's Hold over Europe

Well his new BFF Putie will probably ask him to.

And you know Donald, anything for someone who says nice things about him.

One of the bright, in fact very bright energy spotlights is that the U S. can export natural gas from LNG terminals and break the hold that Russia has on Europe.  Much of Europe gets much of its natural gas from Russia and the the threat is always there that Russia will use that power to its advantgage.

But the U. S. could break that hold in the next few years.

"Reuters are reporting that Russia's Gazprom has acknowledged for the first time a threat to its dominant position in the European gas market from an expected influx of LNG gas produced in the US under Donald Trump's administration.
Gazprom had previously dismissed possible rivalry from the LNG exports from the US, stating that the costs of transportation via the Atlantic Ocean make it unfeasible.
Trump has made energy a central part of his agenda, has promised to revive oil and gas drilling and coal mining as president by cutting back on federal regulation.
Analysts have speculated that Gazprom could retain its dominance in Europe as US gas shippers take advantage of shortages in Asia and Latin America to plug those gaps, but Golubev conceded US plans may have an impact.
There is no ban on natural gas exports, but US law requires American companies to obtain authorisation from the Energy Department before being able to ship it overseas, and there are tough permit requirements for building the specialised facilities that make shipping gas possible."

So will Donnie put American interests ahead of Russian? The fact that we have to even ask that question says much about the new Prez and his priorities.

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