Thursday, February 16, 2017

Bowling Green, Ohio Furious that Bowling Green, Kentucky Falsely Named as Site of Terrorist Massacre That Did Not Happen

And Other News From the World of Alternative Facts or as They Like to Call it, Trumpworld

It turns out that not only was there no terrorist massacre in Bowling Green, Kentucky there was also no terrorist massacre in Bowling Green, Ohio.  And the city in Ohio is hopping mad that Commie Conway* did not name its city as being the site of a make believe terrorist attack and instead named Bowling Green, Kentucky as that site.  A city spokesperson said that Bowling Green, Ohio had every right to be the target of a non-existent terrorist cell and that it hoped the Trump administration would fix the problem by citing the Ohio Bowling Green as the site of other false reports. 

The city apparently is looking to be designated the northern terminus of the wall between the U. S. and Mexico.  “We know that doesn’t make sense” said the city fathers and mothers “but we could use the jobs and besides having a wall to keep Mexicans out of the U. S. being located in Ohio is certainly in line with the types of other proposals of the Trump people”.

Soviet Sean**, the Minister of Propaganda for the Trump administration reported gave Commie Conway a furious lecture after her appearance on MSNBC and her assertion that the media had covered up the Bowling Green Massacre.  Soviet Sean was understandably upset at being upstaged by a person he considers to be an inferior liar and someone who cannot match him in outright fibbing.  Soviet Sean was reported as saying to the White House that “Look, there’s a lot of lying that needs to take place to defend this administration and I am the one to do it”.

Admiting criticism that its statement on the Holocaust did not mention the fact that Jews were the primary (but not only) victims of the atrocity the White House said that it over-ruled the State Department’s draft that did include acknowledgement that it was the Jewish people who were murdered.  The White House explained to the various people that complained that mentioning Jews would not only weaken its near unanimous support among neo-Nazi’s and White Supremacists, or as they put, our friendly Breitbart crowd but also imply that Trump did not want the support of Holocaust Deniers. 

“A government lawyer said more than 100,000 visas were revoked by the Trump administration. The State Department later said it was “fewer than 60,000.”  (actually this is a true quote, see NYT).  Later the President put out a tweet saying to conflicting information just shows that we really don’t know what we are doing here, and so no one should criticize us because they don’t have the facts, which we know for sure since we don’t have the facts.  Despite the admission that at least 60,000 and maybe as many as 100,000 people were affected by Trumps immigration order the White House stood by its claim that only about 100 people were impacted.  They also said that 60,000 is close enough to 100 so no one should make a big deal out of this.

It turns out that U. S. taxpayers spent about $100,000 to send Eric Trump (well known private citizen) to Uruguay prior to his father taking the office of the Presidency.  While the Eric visit apparently had nothing to do with official government business the trip was justified because Eric said the U. S. is going to build a wall between Uruguay and Mexico and have the Fiji Islands pay for it.  When it was pointed out that the two countries did not share a common border Eric said that didn’t matter and that pointing that out was just another example of how the media was being unfair to the Trumps.  Almost all of the money was paid for two nights stay at hotels and the explanation for the high costs was that the Secret Service and embassy staff would have stayed in cheaper room but apparently the rates for Motel 6 in Uruguay would have been even higher.

Eric Trump Conducting Taxpayer Paid For Business in Uruguay
or not
Eric Trump is flanked by YY Development Group chief executive Juan Jose Cugliandolo, left, and group owner Moises Yellati outside Trump Tower, which is under construction in Punta del Este, Uruguay, on Jan. 3. Its 154 apartments plus two penthouses are scheduled to be finished in late 2018. (YY Development Group/via AP)

*So named because she so closely resembles the press spokespeople of the old Soviet Union

** See *

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