Saturday, February 4, 2017

Trumpie Heroes Russia and Putin Move to De-criminalize Domestic Violence

Kinda Tells You Where Trumpie is Coming From (or Going to) Doesn’t It

Donald Trump has gushed and gushed in his admiration for Russia and its thuggish dictator in practice Vladimir Putin.  And now Russia has done something to further cement its reputation as a fascist and misogynistic state.

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Family values, Russina, Putin and Trump Style

Russia’s parliament votes to decriminalise domestic violence

Speaker says measure will strengthen conservative social values promoted by the government

Russia’s parliament voted overwhelmingly on Friday to decriminalise domestic violence, a move the Kremlin claims will help support families but critics say will only worsen the problem.
Members of the lower house of parliament voted 380-3 in favour of the bill’s third reading after senior officials spoke in favour of the measure. The bill is expected to be approved by the rubber-stamp upper house before President Vladimir Putin signs it.
Vyacheslav Volodin, who became parliament speaker last year after five years running the Kremlin’s domestic policy, said earlier this week that the measure would strengthen the conservative social values promoted by the government.
“It’s important to us that nobody interferes with families, that society appreciates these issues, and that the state creates conditions for building strong families,” he said.
So there it is folks, conservative family values, Russian family values and presumably Trump family values. So look for Trump to at least consider and probably eliminate the sanctions on Russia that the world invoked for that country’s invasion of a neighbor.  As for the women and children who will be battered and bruised and maybe killed by violent family members, well you are just collateral damage in pursuit of the rule of force as opposed to the rule of reason.  

Oh and don't expect America's media to report much on this, might make Trump and the Steaming Sack of Sean mad.

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