Friday, February 3, 2017

Wall Street Journal Outdoes Itself With Garbage on Inauguration Day

A Whole Septic Tank Full of It

The WSJ has always been a right wing nut rag, and once it was bought by the craven Fox folks the biased one sided opinions (no we don't give the other side any voice, they might illustrate to our readers how weak our arguments are) have oozed over to the news side. And on Jan. 20th the rag outdid itself.

A news story glorified Trumpie lack of management in the public sector as some type of deliberate chaos as a management style.  It's not a style, it's a reflection of his total ignorance in public policy.  See for example his health care plan.  Oh, it doesn't exist.

On the Op-Ed page there is a full page of various 'leading thinkers' who opine of the Promise of President Trump.  It turns out every leading thinker is a rabid conservatives.  And it appears the Journal ran out of 'leading thinkers' and so engaged people like Andrew Ferguson, Heather Higgins and Charles Kesler.  Even their family members haven't heard of these folks.  And of course they just gushed over Trump, which is why they were selected in the first place.  Indicative of the lack of intellectual heft is former Senator Tom Coburn who wants Trump to eliminate $400 billion of waste in the federal budget, and who does not identify dollar one of that waste.  

An editorial poohs on global warming, saying three years of record warmth is nothing to be excited about, because you know, protecting the environment even though it will help mankind may make a few billionaires less wealthy, and we can't have that can we?

But the laughable piece is a commetary by the always hilarious and irrelvant Kimberly Strassel who laments Chuck Schumer and the Democrats lack of co-operation with the incoming administration.  She sees this as un-American and lectures the Dems on hurting their own chances.  Yes obstructionism worked perfectly for the GOP but the rules are different from Dems who in her mind should capitulate.

Yes, we would cancel our subscription and probably will as soon as  soon aswe don't need it to line the bottom of the bird cage.

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