Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Michael Flynn the Latest Liar Exposed in the Trump Administration

Diogenes, You Can Skip the White House

[Update:  Flynn has resigned (You're Fired!).  the WaPo described it this way.

Flynn says he ‘inadvertently briefed’ Pence and others with ‘incomplete information’

or as we like to interpret it, 'Flynn lied his ass off'.  ]

It's like the Original Amateur Hour at the White House, no one there knows how to even lie effectively.  From the WSJ here is the saga of Trump adviser and all around good fellow Michael Flynn who as a private citizen conducted diplomacy and undermined Obama's sanctions against Russia.

Mr. Flynn initially said that in a conversation Dec. 29 with the Russian ambassador, Sergey Kislyak, he didn’t discuss sanctions imposed that day by the outgoing Obama administration, which were levied in retaliation for alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. Mr. Flynn now concedes that he did, administration officials said, after transcripts of his phone calls show as much. He also admits he spoke with the ambassador more than once on Dec. 29, despite weeks of the Trump team’s insisting it was just one phone call, officials said.

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Skip 1600 Pennsylvania Ave Buddy

And good ole Flynn made VP Pence look like a fool, not that Pence needed any help in that area.

Mr. Pence, in television interviews, vouched for Mr. Flynn, based on a private conversation, and he was angered he repeated information publicly that turned out to be untrue, administration officials said. Messrs. Pence and Flynn spoke twice on Friday, one official said.

No we don't know wha Pence and Flynn said, but we are pretty sure it was something like Flynn telling Pence that if he (Pence) was dumb enough to believe him (Flynn) he deserved being made to look like a horse's rear end.

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