Tuesday, February 14, 2017

France Has Its Own Donald Trump - And She Could be the Next President

But When Did a Murdering Thug Like Putin Become the Hero of Conservatives?

From the British newspaper The Independent comes this ugly news.

"French far-right leader Marine Le Pen said Crimea “has always been Russian” in a series of astonishing claims that defy the evidence that Moscow invaded Ukraine.
The Front National leader vehemently denied any invasion had taken place and instead claimed a “coup d’├ętat” in Ukraine resulted in a transferring of power. 
Ms Le Pen also called for sanctions against the Kremlin to be removed, calling them “completely stupid” and the cause of “major problems for the EU.”
It's like the anti-communist hard line policies of Reagan and Thatcher never resonated with conservatives.  But why?

Marine LePen - Trump you ugly American, meet LePen an ugly French person.

And no, not ugly in the appearance sense, ugly in the policy sense.

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