Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Coming Soon to a Pharmacy Near You – Highly Expensive Drugs That Don’t Work

A Goldmine for the Pharmaceutical Companies – They Get the Gold, You Get the Shaft

In order to a new drug to make it onto the market in the United States it has to be proven to be effective and it has to be proven to be safe.  Makes sense, why spend say $50,000 a year for treatment that doesn’t work.  But now that might change, in fact, probably will change so that drug companies can not only make money off of drugs that work but also off of drugs that don’t work.

"President Trump’s vow to overhaul the Food and Drug Administration could bring major changes in policy, including steps to accelerate the process of approving new prescription drugs, setting up a clash with critics who say his push for deregulation might put consumers at risk.
Mr. Trump has been vetting candidates to run the agency, which regulates the safety of everything from drugs and medical devices to food and cosmetics. Among them is Jim O’Neill, a former official at the Health and Human Services Department who is an associate of the Silicon Valley billionaire and Trump supporter Peter Thiel. Mr. O’Neill has argued that companies should not have to prove that their drugs work in clinical trials before selling them to consumers."

We of course they shouldn’t have to work.  It’s hard enough to make a drug that is safe and certainly unfair for a patient to expect a drug to help them.  Besides, wouldn’t approving drugs that don’t work be the pinnacle of a Trump presidency, the very symbol of the man himself.

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What Trumps Ideal FDA Will Result In

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