Thursday, February 9, 2017

Trump Signs Executive Order Overturning Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamationi

Republicans Applaud Reversal of a President Who Over-reached - Say Slavery is Something the States Should Get to Decide

Ok, this did not happen, but it could

In a totally unexpected event and without any consultation with his advisers except for Steve Bannon President Trumpy today issued an Executive Order which reversed and over-turned the Emancipation Proclamation that Abraham Lincoln had issued to free the slaves.  At a hastily called new conference the President proudly displayed the document and said that finally someone had the guts to rein in the executive branch which had no authority to free slaves.  To the horror of historians and archivists everywhere he then tore up the original Emancipation Proclamation.

The President went to to say "The Africans who were brought to this country were not vetted, had no visas and were in all likelihood would not be paying any taxes as they had to live their life in slavery.  Most didn't even bother to learn English.  These illegal immigrants should be returned to their own country"  After someone reminded the President that none of the original slaves or anyone who had been a slave was still alive, and that all of their descendants were full and equal citizens Mr. Trump exploded in rage and demand to know who brought that about and why wasn't he told.  The Attorney General said it wasn't his fault, he just learned that stuff last week himself.

Later at a news briefing Soviet Sean Spicer said that the press was unfairly criticizing Mr. Trump for his ignorance on the whole issue of slavery and black history and that it was not fair of the press to expect a man who had never served in government and had no knowledge of the nation's history and institutions to recognize that slavery had been banned by the Constitution in the 13th amendment.  He said that Trump was amazed when  informed that the Constitution had amendments as the President knew only about the 19 Articles in the original Constitution.

Later on Meet the Press Commie Conway was asked about whether  this showed the President was not qualified for the position and she answered "I'll tell you who's not qualified, Hilary Clinton.  What about the Clinton e-mail scandal and the Clinton Foundation and the fact that the Clintons killed Vince Foster, the press is just against Donald Trump because of what he is". When pressed by Chuck Todd who said Kellyanne did not answer his question Conway retorted that she did answer a question, just not the one that Chuck asked.  On Fox News Bret Hume reported that Trump had "spoken eloquently in appreciation of Black History Month".

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