Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Supreme Court Declines to Review Texas Voting ID Law - For Now

Voting Rights of Minorities in Texas Protected - For Now

Texas enacted a voter id law that allowed ID's that middle class white folks would have while denying the ID's that low income minorities and students might have.  The intent was clear, use the threat of voter fraud to enact barriers to voting for people that don't vote the right way, i.e., don't vote Republican.

The law was overturned by a federal court and now the Supreme Court has declined to hear the case, leaving the law out of bounds, as it should be.  But the Chief Justice who believes in keeping barriers to vote by 'those people' in place said maybe later.

"Chief Justice Roberts wrote a brief statement accompanying the court’s order, saying the case’s ongoing proceedings in the lower court made it a poor candidate for high-court consideration now.

Once a final judgment comes from the trial judge, “the issues will be better suited for…review at that time,” the chief justice wrote."

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The Chief Justice at Work on Voting Rights

Of course we all know what he really mean.  Get the Court that new radical Justice Trump has nominated and we'll gut minority voting like 3 lb trout.

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