Monday, February 27, 2017

Will Oscar Mixup Finally End This Fatuous Display of Self Congratulating Blather

No, Not Likely - Hollywood is Too Stuck on Itself

It's not that hard to announce the winner of an Oscar.  You read the list of nominees, you open the envelope and you announce the winner.  If for some reason you were given the wrong envelope you stop, you ask for the right envelope and you announce the winner. But apparently that is too difficult for the pseudo glamorous stars of the movie industry.

Every year the movie industry puts on a four hour display of self congratulating themselves for entertaining the public.  These people, whose collective IQ is probably lower than the approval rating for Congress live to tell the world how wonderful they are, no not how wonderful the world is, how wonderful movie stars are.  But this year they could not even get that right and announced the wrong Best Picture winner.

So one would hope, certainly in vain, that this spectacle would stop.  That citizens would look at the movie industry for what it is, entertainment.  That citizens would recognize that no, movie stars do not know more about policy and politics than anyone else and do not have a need to spout their views even if those views agree with what most citizens are thinking.  That no, the public is not interested in a four hour show to present the Oscar to the Best Short Film Documentary in Black and White From a Non European Country Written By Dwarfs.

But that will not happen of course, and next year the undeservedly rich and famous will once more strut in ultra expensive clothes and jewels although hopefully none will be wearing Ivanka Trump.

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