Thursday, February 2, 2017

Goldman Sachs Explains Paying Ex Exec $100 million to Join Trumpie - "We'll Get Back 10 Times That Amount" They Did Not Say

Not Ten Times, Probably More

Although they didn't have to Goldman gave its departing exec about $100 million.

Gary Cohn’s Goldman Exit Tops $100 Million

Trump economic official’s Goldman holdings fully vest after departure for Washington

So why did they do this?  Well here are some possible reasons.

1.  They were worried he would feel bad because even with $100 mil he is still a pauper compared to other Trump appointees.

2.  They had the money in petty cash and didn't want to bother to take it to the bank.

3.  They felt Cohn would need at least that much to persuade  an ethical PR firm to dream up nice things Cohn could say about Trump.  Yep, it will take a cool $100 mil to find one willing to bend its principles that much.
4.  Trump apparently has a business on he side where he charges staff $10 million a visit for new advusers to meet with him and Goldman figures Cohn will need at least 10 visits before Trump remembers who he is.

5.  It's for the legal defense fund for all of the GS alumni now in government and ready to make a quick buck.

6.  It's to bribe him to tell Goldman first when Trump goes truly batshit crazy so they can short the market.

7.  Ben Carson needs a loan to pay someone to teach him what HUD does.

8.  No reason at all, just felt like doing a good deed for someone truly needy.

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