Sunday, February 19, 2017

Washington Post is Doing Great Journalism – And Apologies to Jennifer Rubin

And Great Journalism is What We Need More Than Ever

One of the fears, one of the many fears resulting from the election of Donnie the Hun was that news reporting would be cowered into white washing the outrageous acts of the new administration.  But the Washington Post has stepped it up.  On a week ago Friday’s website just look at the great reporting.

National security adviser Flynn discussed sanctions with Russian ambassador, despite denials, officials say

Yep, a story about how the Trumpies engaged in illegal private citizen diplomacy before they took over.

Backing away from a fight, Trump to honor one-China policy

Yep, a story about how Trump went against his own campaign rhetoric. (good for him)

Jared Kushner proves to be a shadow diplomat on U.S.-Mexico talks

Yep, a story how Trump clueless and inexperienced son-in-law is mucking up foreign affairs.  Wonder how long it will take the real foreign affairs people to rebel.  Probably not long, just as soon as Jared (not the Subway Jared) makes a major mess of things.

Republicans in Idaho tried to design a better plan than Obamacare — and failed

Yep a story on why Republicans really, really screw up health care for people when they put ideology and greed over public welfare.  Read the story and then ask yourself how anyone, anyone can be in government and be this cruel.  The answer of course is ‘conservatives can’.

Right Turn
The 9th Circuit deals a blow to the imperial — and incompetent — president

Finally we need to apologize to WaPo columnist Jennifer Rubin.  She joined the Post for the 2012 election, primarily shilling for Mitt Romney.  But she stayed on and has developed into a strong and intelligent observer of the current administration.  This forum condemned her before, now we must praise her integrity, she stands up for what she believes even though it goes against her party affiliation.  Would that there be more of her.

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