Saturday, February 25, 2017

Florida State U to Spend Millions to Upgrade School's Golf Course

Wondering Why Higher Ed is Expensive and Failing - Look No More

A college education in this nation used to be, you know, an education.  And it used to be affordable.  Nowadays college leaves a graduate with massive debt and not as much education as they need.  Here's part of the reason at Florida State, millions spent in the past years to maintain a golf course.

FSU’s golf course last underwent a major renovation in 2001, when FSU spent $5.5 million to build a new clubhouse, pro shop and restaurant facility. In 2004, it spent $2.2 million to rebuild its tees and greens and install a new irrigation system.

Renovations to the course and two-story brick facility are expected to cost between $4 million to $6 million. The project’s start date is yet to be determined.

No further comment needed, is there?

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