Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Trumpies Want Germany to Spend More on Military

Today in Insanity

How Did that Work Out Last Time?

In its zeal to impose ridiculous policies on other countries to go along with the ridiculous policies in this country, the Trumpet administration is pushing Germany to spend more money on its military forces and, you know, become a world military power.

"MUNICH — When the visiting American dignitaries hammered home their desire for Europe to spend more on their military in recent days, their biggest target was the Continent’s richest nation — Germany.
Washington’s pointed attacks on Berlin — whether over its open-door policy for refugees or its too favorable trade balances — have by now become a feature of transatlantic relations. But the American push on defense, unlike the others, is opening a new front in the coming German electoral campaign and could make U.S. President Donald Trump’s demand a wedge issue.

Image result for images of nazi troops
Trump's Goal for German Re-Armament

Wow, what a great idea. For the last hundred years or so German military power has been a huge force in world politics. Who wouldn't want Germany armed to the teeth? Oh, maybe the ghosts of those 6 million Jewish men and women killed in the Holocaust. Or maybe the millions of civilians killed in two world wars. Or maybe the millions of troops killed in battle.

Trump foreign policy. Sanity is not a pre-condition.

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