Thursday, February 9, 2017

Donnie and Kellyanne to be Featured on Home Shopping Network This Week!

Hawking Up Your Favorite Ivanka Items

Following the successful rollout of the new Ivanka commercial on Fox New by White House adviser and all around creator of alternative facts, Kellyanne Conway the President announced today that he and Commie Conway would be hosting a special edition of HSN.  The purpose is to stimulate sales of Ivanka Trump's clothing line which has had falling sales ever since consumers realized she was related to Donald Trump.

The Ivanka Trump line is made in various countries, none of which is the United States, and as such is not certified 'child labor free' by international agencies.  Instead the clothing has won the coveted "Most Garish Outfit" award which is annually given the the line that is most embarrassing for normal people to wear.

If this HSN appearance generates any sales Donnie and Kellyanne are expected to produce and star in an info-mercial that will be shown exclusively on Fox News because, as all of the other networks put it, why would we want that crap polluting our stations?

Update:  HSN is reported to have second thoughts because their marketing department has concluded that not only would the Donnie/Kellyanne appearance not generate any sales but that thousands of Ivanka Trump items would be returned, thus making the product the first ever to have negative revenue for the network.

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