Friday, February 17, 2017

The Wall Street Journal Evolves - From Journalism to Joke

It Catches the Fox Disease

The Wall Street Journal has a great tradition of top quality journalism combined with a reputation of being a right wing apologist on its editorial and op/ed pages.  When it was acquired by the same people that bring us Fox So-Called News everyone was told the editorial side would be walled off from the news side.

Now in the world of Trump, that hasn't happened.  Reporting on Trump has been skewed and stories that put Trump in a bad light are either left out or reduced.  So the news staff is revolting.  Here is editor Gerry Baker trying to quell the rebellion.

During a more than 30-minute opening address for a newsroom town hall meeting, according to people who were present, Baker said that anyone who claims the Journal has been soft on Trump is peddling "fake news," and that employees who are unhappy with the Journal's objective, as opposed to oppositional, approach to Trump should work somewhere else. He also read out a list of Trump headlines that he offered as evidence the Journal's coverage has been sufficiently strong and critical.

Gosh, sounds like words right out of the Trump playbook.  So how did Mr. Baker excuse his action.  Well he was sleepy, really, you can't make that up.

The tensions came to a head a couple of weeks ago after many staffers took issue with a late-night email from Baker cautioning them against using the phrase "majority Muslim" when describing countries impacted by Trump's immigration ban. (During the town hall, Baker said he hadn't chosen his words "as carefully as I should" have because he had been asleep.)

Fox news, now in charge of the Journal and in the tank for Trump. Fox people touch it, it turns to crap.

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