Monday, February 13, 2017

Think ACA is Killing America's Health Insurance Industry - Look at This From United Health Care

To Learn the Truth Behind the Lies of the GOP, Go to the Source

Paul Ryan, the con man of the Congress likes to talk about how ACA is in a death spiral  and killing everyone including the health insurance industry.  So for the truth see what United Health, one of the leading health care insurers is saying.

"To briefly recap 2016, revenue of $184.8 billion grew nearly $28 billion or 18 percent as earnings from operations advanced over 20 percent to $13.3 billion. 

"Net earnings advanced 24 percent to $7.3 billion and adjusted net earnings per share grew 25 percent to $8.05 per share for the year. Fourth quarter 2016 results included: • 
$47.5 billion in revenues; 
• More than $3.5 billion in earnings from operations; 
• Net earnings of $1.9 billion; and
 • Adjusted earnings per share of $2.11. 

All of these results were at or modestly ahead of the expectations set at our Investor Conference in late November. Operating cash flows for the year were $9.8 billion, 1.34 times net earnings, within our range of expectation despite timing changes in several state payments."

Wow, but what about ACA

"In the full-risk commercial group business, we grew by 205,000 people in the quarter and 375,000 people for the year, providing a positive starting point as we enter 2017. This growth was broad-based, appropriately priced and balanced across geographic regions, products and customer types. In the self-funded segment, the market has been stable with strengthening employment rates helping us grow within existing customers. In 2016, UnitedHealthcare grew to serve an additional 335,000 commercial fee-based consumers, including 20,000 more in the fourth quarter. 6 As expected, individual business declined in the fourth quarter. Premium deficiency reserves taken earlier this year were sufficient, and we maintain an appropriate and prudent residual reserve for claims not yet received. Consistent with our commitments to you early in 2016, we do not believe our ACA-compliant individual business carries any financial exposure forward into 2017. "(emphasis added)

Anyone think that's a death spiral?  Anyone other than a lying Speaker of the House?

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