Sunday, April 9, 2017

Yahoo News Says Trump is ‘Learning the Hard Way’ but We Disagree

And other snarky comments on the news

1.      A report on Yahoo has the headline that Trump is learning the hard way about the Presidency.  We see no evidence that Trump has learned anything, or that he ever has or that he ever intends to. 

2.      Both Trump and Michael (I want immunity) Flynn have in the past said that asking for immunity means you probably committed a crime.  These two probably think that arrogance and ignorance is a federal offense.

3.      Trump has attacked Chuck Todd, who just seems like an all around good fellow.  Trump accused Todd of having ‘sleepy eyes’.  What a horrific insult, Todd must be crying all the way to the publicity bank.

4.      Speaker Paul Ryan says he doesn’t want Democratic help in drafting a new health care bill.  He says he can do it alone.  How did that work out last time Paulie?

5.      Devin Nunes is the subject of aggressive protests in his district.  He has told them that while he cannot meet with them now, he will sneak into their homes at midnight when the sun is still shining.

6.      It is reported that VP Mike Pence will not dine alone with a woman.  This is not his choice, there doesn’t appear to be a single woman that is willing to dine alone with him.  On the plus side Betty Crocker said she would consider it.

7.      The Senate Republicans voted to deny funding for Planned Parenthood for their clinics which provide critical health care for millions of women.  A spokesperson for Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell did not say that “Look, if we cannot deny health care to everyone the least we can do is deny it to women”.

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