Friday, April 28, 2017

Trump: Executive Orders Have Been ‘Huge’, Huge Impact

Trump Lawyers:  Pay No Attention to Them and the Man Behind the Curtain; They are Meaningless

When the would be President signed an Executive Order denying federal funds to so-called Sanctuary Cities, San Francisco went to court.  And a federal judge agreed that the orders were un-constitutional.  But in a pretty powerful way.

The 49-page ruling focused largely on an all-too-familiar theme for the young administration: the consequences of bragging and bluster by Trump and top administration officials.

Just like the judges who ruled on Trump’s travel ban, Orrick homed in on the vast discrepancies between what government lawyers defending the sanctuary cities order argued in court and what administration officials said about it in public.

Ok, no surprise here that Trump did something un-constitutional.  That happens weekly.  But the strategy his lawyers took is truly bizarre.

According to Orrick, the government contended that the order was merely an example of Trump using the “bully pulpit” to “highlight a changed approach to immigration enforcement” — in essence, something much more benign than what Trump and company had described.
The argument was lost on the judge, who ridiculed the government’s position as “schizophrenic.”

Yeah Trumpie, we are not laughing with you, we are laughing at you.

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