Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Holier Than Thou Alabama Gov. Faced Impeachment for

Being a Lot Less Holier Than Thou or Almost Anyone

Listen to the current Governor of Alabama and you would think he is a deeply religious person who leads a dutiful life and condemns all sinners.  Well  you would be wrong.  He talks the talk, he don't walk the walk.  And now that he faced impeachment, investigations and maybe jail time, he quit.

  From the WSJ, the news pages which unlike the editorial pages do not always excuse conservatives, here's what was going on.

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley speaks during a news conference on Friday.
Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley speaks during a news conference on Friday. PHOTO: JULIE BENNETT/ASSOCIATED PRESS

As the word come out of only one side of his mouth

"Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley filed a lawsuit in state court Friday to block impeachment proceedings against him and vowed to stay in office despite mounting troubles stemming from his alleged affair with a former aide.
The move came as a special counsel hired by the judiciary committee of the Alabama House of Representatives was poised to release findings Friday afternoon in his investigation of the governor. Among other things, the special counsel, Jack Sharman, has examined whether Mr. Bentley misused state property to carry out or conceal the alleged affair. The judiciary committee scheduled hearings starting next week to evaluate the report and decide whether to recommend impeaching Mr. Bentley."

Yes Bentley is a paragon of virtue and denies everything even though it is caught on tape. We had hoped they send him up the river, yeah, any river but he only got community service for pleading guilty to being a criminal.  See when you are religious you don't get the justice in Alabama that, say, a minority driver would get for having a broken taillight.

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