Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Exclusive: Details of Republican 25/cents a month Health Insurance Plans

Putting the Affordable Back Into Affordable Care

Despite coming up with a health care plan regarded unfavorably by 83% of the American public the Republicans keep trying to make it worse.  In the event they succeed this site has learned the details of the health insurance plan that would result.

Now Available, 25 cents a month Health Insurance*

*some restrictions may apply

Now everyone can have comprehensive affordable health insurance.  GOP Plan provides huge benefits.  Join now and get these basic benefits!!

A coupon for 50 cents off a bottle of generic aspirin from the pharmacy of your choice

A laminated ID card identifying you as a member of the GOP Health Insurance Family and entitled to all of the benefits thereof.

A pocket friendly list of Funeral Homes that will give the GOP Health Insurance Family member a 5% discount – something you as a covered member will need very quickly

Full protection against diseases like Beriberi.

To provide this level of coverage at this price policies will have a few exclusions which should not impact any member of the Plan


            Maternity Benefits                              Paternity Benefits
            Office Visits with your Doctor           Doctor Visits Outside Their Offices
            Preventive Services                             Non-Preventive Services
            Prescription Drugs                              Over the Counter Drugs
            Pre-Existing Conditions                       Future Existing Conditions
            Hospital Costs                                     Non-Hospital Costs
            Regular lab tests                                  Black Labrador tests
Health care services in Tierra Del Fuego are just one of the world wide clinics that accept GOP Plan.  Plan sponsors expect doctors in Somalia, the South Pole and Damascus, Syria will soon announce that they are accepting GOP Plan participants. 

For a doctor or hospital nearest you call 1-800-Wedontgiveadamn.

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