Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Republicans Reach New Low in the 'Have No Shame' Area

Why Won't the Media Call Them Out on This?

Coming this week is a need to pass a fubnding bill for the rest of FY 2017 for the federal government.  Republicans in Congress agree with Democrats that a clean bill should emerge.  Donnie wants funding for his rediculous wall.  And incredibly here's what the budget director is saying.

In his interview with the Journal, Mr. Mulvaney said “elections have to have consequences” and, like former President Barack Obama, Mr. Trump is “entitled to have some of his priorities funded.”

Now the reason this is so mind boggling involves health care, which of course was Mr. Obama's top priority.  Right now Republicans are refusing to pay insurers monies owed them by law. and have actually sued to stop payments.  If they prevail health care for millions will collapse. So the idea that Mr. Obama was entitled to have his priority funded is such a joke statement by Republicans that we wonder how they can say it with a straight face.  But of course hypocrisy is a requirement for the GOP leaders these days.  Without it they are not true to themselves.

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