Sunday, April 30, 2017

Reports that Trump's Clueless Daughter Heavily Influenced Decision to Bomb Syria

No More Wondering Why Trump's Syrian Policy Has No Policy, Strategy or Basis

Just Pure Reaction

Why would any President rely on military and foreign policy advice from someone who has absolutely zero training, background, education, experience of familiarity with military and foreign policy?  Well if you are Donald Trump the only criteria in an adviser is that the person be unquestionably loyal to Donald Trump.  And about the only person that meets that criteria is his daughter.  So reports are coming out she influenced him to bomb Syria.

Ivanka Trump 'pushed for her father to bomb Syria'

First daughter's position on atrocity a 'significant influence in the Oval office'

so says the Independent of Britain.
One would think that there are competent people in government.  But Ivanka Trump is a person who built a successful fashion line all by herself with the massive help of her name recognition and with her father's money and position.  So naturally in an administration that has no competence whatsoever they would turn to a person who also has no competence whatsoever.

As for the fact that Trump's policy is now 180 degrees opposite of his previous policy, well don't ask about that.  

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