Wednesday, April 26, 2017

House May Vote Soon on Health Care Non-Reform – Government at is Worst

No Debate, No Hearings, No Discussion, No Knowledge of the Impact

An Exercise in Total Ignorance

The Republicans who control government are so eager, so desperate, so callous on health care that they are prepared to vote on a bill that they have not seen and know nothing about.

There is now discussion on the Hill and in the White House about a health care vote this Friday. The House whip team is busy counting moderate votes and gauging support within the caucus, and there should be a clearer picture of where things stand tonight.
A Friday health care vote isn't "outside the realm," Republican Study Committee Chairman Mark Walker told Axios, adding that people are discussing a Friday vote and things are "even trending that direction."
"Most of them like what they see, so we're considering to grow the vote, and when we're ready, we'll move," said House Majority Whip Steve Scalise.

Even if you are supporting what the GOP is doing wouldn’t you want to know what the GOP is doing.  If ignorance is bliss, the House Republicans are in 25th heaven.

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